Casting Call

Some roles may require you to attend a casting. Please adhere to the specific time slots given to you by your agent for each casting. Always take your Portfolio/CV and ALWAYS go looking like a professional. Castings are treated the same as bookings; you must attend if you confirmed you can. If you attend a casting as a Background Artiste you may be entitled to a payment. See Please review the guidelines on this.

If you are optioned for a job after attending a casting, this means that you are short listed for the job and must keep the dates for the shoot open until your agent either releases you or you are confirmed. An option is not a confirmation and can be cancelled up until the night before the shoot.

Colt Talent Casting Call

And some sound advice:

OSCASA agents must follow these guidelines:

It is prescribed that they include their names, company registration, address and full contact details in their advertising.

Beware the one line call for castings in the classified that have only cell numbers as contacts!!!!!