Terms & Conditions


  • The agency has a yearly registration fee of R120 which is non-refundable (our year runs from 1 May – 31 April)
  • We will consider you for all available work – please be aware that your success on getting jobs is dependant upon your look, availability and with respect to character/featured work, your ability to perform in front of camera.
  • If you agree to go to a casting and you do not attend this will result in you being de-registered.
  • Once you receive a sms checking availability – You must please confirm your availability by return sms (ideally within an hour.) – If you are not available you must please still confirm this. Please do not respond to the number that the message comes from! You must respond to the number stated in the text. Please respond with your full name + job code + availability. If you confirm you are available you need to keep to this commitment– if your availability changes you must inform us immediately. You may not hear from us until a day or two prior to the shoot.
  • If you respond that you are available it means that you are available from the early morning to the late evening. You must not have any other commitments for the day. If you are cancelled for work, please understand that we are working to the production’s requirements as many factors can change relating to a shoot i.e. weather etc. Production will select people for a shoot, so even if you are available, you may not be selected.
  • If you’re out of town or unavailable for a length of time, inform the agency. Please let us know when you’re available again.
  • If you change your appearance you must come in for new photos (please call us to make an appointment – there is no charge for updating your photo again). Come back for new pictures at least once a year – more often for children.
  • Once you are confirmed on a job you will receive an sms to call in for your call time. You must call us on 0822334436 between 16:00 & 17:00 on the day prior to the job, unless we send an sms asking you to call earlier.
  • Due to changing schedules & security, we never know the time you will be required on set or the location until the afternoon before the shoot. We never know how long you’ll be required on set.
  • When calling in please note your call time (start time), location, wardrobe details, contact name, production name and production company name. Please have a pen and paper to hand when calling.
  • Please note that a standard day on commercials is 11 hours, a standard day on movies is 12 hours – you are expected to work until wrap is called – overtime will be paid if over the standard day @ 10% of your day rate per hour after the first 15 minutes. Under no circumstances are you permitted to leave set until released by the cast co-ordinator or AD. You are expected to work overtime where the production schedule requires it.
  • You must provide your own transport to set – if the set is further away than 45km you may be provided with travel allowance.
  • Call times are usually very early in the morning (usually somewhere between 5am and 8am). A night shoot usually starts mid to late afternoon and can continue for the whole night into the following morning.
  • You must always take 3 – 4 clothing outfits to any shoot. If you have not been given a specific wardrobe brief please take 1 business outfit, 1 smart casual outfit and two casual outfits – no logos, stripes or neon colours.
  • Please do not be late – arriving late will result in up to 20% of your day fee being deducted from your daily fee. Alternatively you may be required to leave set and you will not be paid for this job.
  • If you have any problems on the day of the shoot or are running late you must inform us immediately – our contact number during office hours is 0822334436 – after office hours it is 0827110858 – you must call – do not send an sms. Notification by sms will result in penalties on your day rate.
  • Financial arrangements are not to be discussed on set with colleagues or with the production team.
  • When you arrive at the unit base, you MUST SIGN IN. You must ensure you correctly complete your start/end times and sign.
  • The agency has power of attorney on all artistes. Do not sign a contract on set. Please note that it is standard to sign an artiste release form on set. You are welcome to review your contract at the agency or request a copy.
  • If you have any problems on a job do not, under any circumstances, attempt to argue with production or crew, call us immediately and we can assist to resolve any issues.
  • The agency is NOT responsible for any loss, safety or health of any artiste or any loss or damage to the artiste’s personal clothing or effects.
  • These terms and conditions will constitute the full agreement between Colt Talent cc and the independent contractor for the services specified therein. Party specifically acknowledge that the independent contractor in performing the Task, with in all respects be an independent contractor and not an agent, employee or representative of Colt Talent cc and as an independent contractor you will be responsible for your own tax.
  • It is important to report back to the agency if you feel that you are featured or if stills are taken of you. In these instances we will review tape and approach production for increase in payment if applicable. Please note that this is a lengthy process.
  • Movie payments are usually 4 – 6 wks from your shoot date. For commercials payment is usually 8-12 wks from the shoot date. Where usage is applicable you may wait a further 2 months. As OSCASA members we undertake to pay within 10 days of receipt of funds. Payment is made by BANK TRANSFER ONLY. Remember that some of this money is our agency fee, and if you haven’t been paid, neither have we. Should a production company not pay, unfortunately you will not be paid.
  • If you do not provide us with your ID/bank details on the day of registration, you MUST fax them to us (0866509837). You will not be paid until we have your bank details in writing and a copy of your ID. We DO NOT deposit money into credit card, Go Banking or Post Bank accounts. We do not issue cheques. Any changes to your banking details must be received in writing.
  • If you need to use someone else’s bank account we must have their, and your, signed permission.
  • Rates of pay/day vary according to production. For feature films you will clear (after tax and agency fee) R260 – 350 per day as extras. For commercials you will clear R337–570 per day as extras. Featured characters will clear from R1000 upwards plus usage where applicable for commercials.
  • Out of the total you receive on your voucher, we deduct the following;
    • Agency Fee (24% on movies, 25% on commercials (30% on amounts larger than R2000) and 15% as Stand-ins)
    • PAYE 25% (Legal Requirement) or in accordance with Tax Directive provided. IRP5 is issued at financial year end, and
    • Any outstanding fees owed to the agency for Admin, Photo’s, Penalties etc, and
  • Please keep a diary of days/hrs worked on productions including the production company name. We don’t make many errors but count on you to draw any to our attention.
  • Any payment queries can be made on either Tuesday or Thursday between 10am and 12pm only. Payments from production are usually received on, or around, the 15th, 21st and 30th of each month.
  • Strikes – we operate a strike system so that artistes who are not committed to work do not jeopardise or cause problems for those artistes who are keen to work
    • In the event of your failing to contact the agency between 16h00 and 17h00 on the day prior to a shoot, a penalty of R20 and one “strike” shall be recorded against your name should we be required to call/remind you.
    • Once 3 strikes are recorded against your name, the agency shall reserve the right to no longer contact you for any further assignments and de-activate your record;
    • Should you fail to arrive on set at all, you shall be liable for all damages which may arise from such failure provided that, without prejudice to any other rights which the agency may have against you, the agency shall be entitled to set off such damages against any fee which may accrue to you in respect of any completed assignment and failing the latter, in respect of any subsequent assignment. Should you fail to arrive on set without notifying the agency 2 hours prior to the call time you shall thereby waive the right to any fee which may be due to you for any previous assignment and the agency shall cease to contact you for any further assignments.
  • In the event of you having confirmed to the agency your availability for a particular assignment, and in the further event of you subsequently deciding to withdraw from such assignment you shall be required to give the agency a notice of not less than 48 hours prior to such shoot of your intention to so withdraw. Failure to give the agency the required notice shall entitle the agency to deduct a double commission from a fee accruing to you in respect of any completed assignment, and failing the latter, in respect of any subsequent assignment;
  • should you fail to arrive on set on time, a penalty equivalent to 5% of your daily rate shall be enforced against you in respect of the first 15 minutes that you are late, and thereafter, a penalty equivalent to 10% of your daily rate shall be enforced against you in respect of each subsequent period of 15 minutes for which you continue to be late. The agency shall be entitled to deduct the aforesaid penalties from your fee for such assignment.
  • The incorrect supply of your banking details shall attract a penalty of R10,00;


“ACTION” When you hear this start moving in the direction and in the way outlined to you by the Assistant Director (AD) or Director.
“CUT” stop performing / moving
“FIRST POSITION” or “RESET” go back to the beginning of your performance / action
“WRAP” or “CALL IT A WRAP” the day is over and you can be released from set
“QUIET” means be quiet

  • On set always remember – your position, where you were going and the props you are holding/working with – this is for continuity. It is important to listen to the crew members– especially the Cast Co-ordinator or AD. Always conduct yourself in a courteous and polite manner.
  • During the day please be available at all times. Don’t go to the bathroom without informing an AD.
  • Drugs are not to be used before arrival on set and are not to be taken to set. lease keep and return clothes and props as neatly as you received them.
  • When “QUIET” is called it is important to remain quiet – do not talk. Never look directly at the camera unless requested by the AD or Director. Please prepare yourself for long waiting periods – bring books/blankets to make yourself comfortable.
  • Please take a warm jacket, waterproof jacket or sun block dependant upon weather. Please dispose of rubbish or cigarettes in the containers provided. Please be patient, as shoot days are usually long. Remember you are being paid to be there.
  • Please don’t ask when you may go home. The AD will call a “wrap” when the shoot is over.
  • Active cell phones are not allowed on film sets. Most sets have security for your bags but it is difficult to guarantee security and production companies cannot be held liable for lost or stolen items. It is advisable to leave all valuables at home.
  • AD’s work incredibly long hours and can sometimes seem short or abrasive. Please remember that they are under enormous pressure to get everything done quickly and accurately. If you have any questions on set ask the Cast Co-ordinator or AD’s – do not ask the Director.
  • Crew need to eat first at meal times because they have to be ready first for the next setup – don’t take it personally